It finally happened; I’ve become a real person and now it’s time to get to know myself. It’s not as though who I am comes as a complete surprise, but I have a golden moment to take stock of my life and look to the future, a future full of possibility and wonderment. I’ve earned degrees before, most recently this time last year, when I achieved a lifetime goal of completing a B.A. Today I wrapped up my M.S. and have gone to the next height of higher learning.

What makes this degree different is that I am done with school, though the quest for knowledge is a journey I wil pursue throughout my life. Never before have I had so much at stake nor so many chances to make something of myself. I’m thrilled to be able to start acting as an adult, though for the past many years I have been of age. I’m only now coming to grips with what this means. After I wake up, I will be a new person.


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