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It’s not just a salad garnish, or a burger topping any more. While bacon seems innocuous enough, its over-prescription in fast food is part of a caloric collaboration to keep Americans fat, lazy and stupid. Worse yet, a mutant porcine pathogen, not unlike the swine flu, has the potential to leap from factory-farm raised animals to humans and cause devastating harm.

According to David Kessler, author of The End of Overeating, a standard joke in the restaurant chain industry goes, “When in doubt, throw cheese and bacon on it.”

More than that, notes Kessler, the food industry uses science and marketing to try to make its products addictive. By manipulating what he calls the “three points of the compass” — fat, sugar and salt — the food industry creates highly processed foods that can hook us like drugs. In various countries and regions, the levels of fat, sugar and salt are even calibrated to different “bliss points” to maximize the consumers’ pleasure.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil
Image by PaulSherman via Flickr

The law in Sao Paulo says that smoking is illegal. Tonight, at a “trash party,” I saw a whole lot of people giving the law a big, fat middle finger.
Normally, I might be a little disturbed, because smoking upsets my allergies, but not tonight. Things have been going very smoothly sinceĀ  I got into town and I am experiencing life something like a local might. I even had a dream in Portuguese this afternoon during a succession of naps. It’s late as hell and I want to write more, but as things went, today was pretty tame. Could I call this wretchedly ugly city home one day? The jury is still out.

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