Completely blown away by 25-year-old artist Amy Shackleton’s brushless paintings, each made over 30 hours using only squeeze bottles   (via)



My friend Amit was just diagnosed with leukemia. He is one of the most positive, creative, caring, fun-loving people I know. Right now, Amit is in the hospital at home in Connecticut receiving treatment and far from friends in SF (where he lives) and NYC (where he used to live). We can’t visit him yet because of germs and the type of treatment he’s getting, so we’re stuck with the internet to send him good vibes, laughs, and hugs. Please help out!

Amit loves: photos, jokes, mac & cheese, bright colors.

Send photos, cards, candygrams, etc. to him:

Yale New Haven Hospital
Amit Gupta 11 220
Simlow Cancer Center 11 North
20 York St.
New Haven, CT 06511

Oh, also:

P.S. This photo is from brunch at Katherine & Tony’s place in SF c. 2008. Grace took the pic. (via Chrysanthe)

Amit is the man. Hands down one of the friendliest, warmest, supportive and bestest people I had the chance to meet in San Francisco. We actually met for the first time in Berlin during a dinner with some tech folks but get the chance the catch up with him whenever in SF. I was shocked and at the same time inspired learning about Amit’s leukemia. He’s approaching the disease with his ever-positive attitude and I’m confident he will beat that fucker in the face. 

Let’s all help him with that. Send him warm thoughts the digital or physical way to the addresses above. 

We’re rooting for you, Amit! 

Right about now you are rockin’ to the best!


A “Typewriter” That Mixes Cocktails At The Push Of Keys 


At $4,200 invested per reader, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad only publication, ‘The Daily,” can easily be deemed a flop.

Via AllThingsD:

“The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s once-hyped iPad newspaper, has 120,000 readers a week, according to a media buyer who works with the publication. An executive at Zenith Optimedia told Bloomberg that the 120,000 figure includes both paid subscribers and free visitors. That circulation figure, Bloomberg notes, puts the paper at the same level as the Toledo, Ohio, daily Blade. News Corp. also owns this Web site.”

Want to make a small fortune in iPad only publishing? Start with a large one. At least if you’re the man who owns The News.

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A gorgeous bit of animation by Scott Benson for the song The Murf, by artists Rendezvous. 


Skull Candy?


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