I’ve been obsessing over the women of the Fulani tribe.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand just how amazing culture is. The world is just a pretty darn amazing place with pretty darn amazing people.

When you find a word that rhymes with Beethoven, I expect you to let me know. 


These days a slew of musicians from the oft-intersecting worlds of electronic music and hip-hop are tapping into that power by hiding their faces or wearing masks.

— Andrew Matson via Musicians And Their Masks


MOO Launches Luxe, A Line of Extra Thick High-End Business Cards

Veggie creatures 


El Seed  – Tunis, Tunisia

I was just admiring your tie. Honest. 

A little Los Angeles serenade courtesy of Cinematic Orchestra 


THE FLIP SIDE (DATING) (by usawithere)

This video is so awesome for so many reasons. Much like the Shit ___ Say meme, the Flip Side videos (there’s another one) take a critical look at how men and women behave, and expose how ridiculous it is when roles are reversed.

I’ve been accused of having a double standard when it comes to my expectations of women. I do. Is it hypocritical? No.

Men and women are wired differently, and we meet in the middle, but it’s a losing proposition to think that we should or could be expected to act the same, or want the same things. 

Respect is a fundamental, non-negotiable part of an intimate relationship, or a friendship. We also must respect the fact that we’re different, and that’s what makes dating fun, exciting, and thrilling.


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