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A Kansas couple has been ordered not to contact their daughter until September 2013, after their child took legal action to stop her parents from stalking her. Twenty one-year-old Aubrey Ireland is a standout student at prestigious College-Conservatory of Music at University of Cincinnati, but her leading roles and rousing vocal and dramatic performances are not enough to satisfy her overbearing helicopter parents.

Although Julie and David Ireland live more than 600 miles from their daughter, the couple have made enough unannounced trips to their daughter’s school that administrators hired security guards to ensure the Irelands would not be present at her performances.

The couple are also accused of using digital surveillance tools such as keystroke loggers and on daughter Aubrey’s computer and cell phone, in order to monitor her electronic communication. For their part, the parents claim their daughter is being promiscuous, using drugs, and is mentally unbalanced, according to

Aubrey Ireland via Twitter

Aubrey Ireland via Twitter

Music and theater departments naturally attract a dramatic crowd, but this family takes it to new heights.

Aubrey is a senior who will be finishing her final semester at CCM in the spring. Hopefully after graduation Aubrey’s talents will take her to New York, where she’ll be far from the machinations of her mother and father, and safe within the bosom of Broadway community.  But hey, Manhattan is only an  18-hour, 1,200-mile drive from Kansas. Shall we gas up the truck?

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