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Review: Milktape Soothes Mixtape Nostalgia in a Digital Age

When was the last time you made a mix tape for a love interest?┬áIt’s probably been quite a while! Startup Milktape wants to take you back to simpler times, when…


Brazilian Bikini Waxing Trims Crab Lice Habitat to Endangered Species Status

Looks like crab lice could be a thing of the past, due to the rising prominence of the Brazilian wax, and grooming of the nether regions, according to an article…

Yemen Forest

These Amazing Destinations Only Look Fake, But They’re Real

  My friend shared this amazing post today, about 25 Places That Look Not Real, and it reminded me what a beautiful planet we inhabit. I live in California, so…

Music: Justin Timberlake X Jay-Z — Suit and Tie

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z team up to bring you ‘Suit and Tie.’ Some heat for these cold winter nights.

Music: Proof of Concept — That Was My Heart

A beautiful song by Australian producer Proof of Concept, who reminds me of everything I love about 4 Hero. Orchestral drum and base, sonorous, rising instrumentation, and a lot of…


Pickup Artist Strikes Out 100 Times, Keeps Spitting

Gotta hand it to this dude. It takes serious balls to approach 100+ strangers and drop all the corniest pickup lines. My favorite, “What’s a nice girl like you doing…


A Year in the Life of Yak Films

Yak Films is among the most inspirational discoveries of my life. The crew of Yoram Savion and Kash Gaines hail from the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley), but they’ve made…