Pickup Artist Strikes Out 100 Times, Keeps Spitting

Gotta hand it to this dude. It takes serious balls to approach 100+ strangers and drop all the corniest pickup lines. My favorite, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like mine?”

I was in middle school when my cousin sent me a list with many of the zingers in this eight-minute video. I go kicked off my school’s email for a week after sending it around a few friends. As I’ve come to learn, it’s not the line that counts, but how you deliver it. There are at least a few instances where the women are interested because Adrian Van Oyen is clearly an attractive guy. If he was serious about making the lines work, instead of going for volume, he might have actually converted.

Lest you think that he struck out 100 times, one line actually results in a kiss. I consider that a success.

H/T Gawker via Brobible