These Amazing Destinations Only Look Fake, But They’re Real

Yemen Forest


My friend shared this amazing post today, about 25 Places That Look Not Real, and it reminded me what a beautiful planet we inhabit. I live in California, so I’m spoiled, but there’s nearly limitless wonder if we just keep our eyes open to the magic that surrounds us.

The shot above comes from Scotara, Yemen. If I lived there, I might not think much of the trees, as a consequence of seeing them every day. Visiting Brazil I was exposed daily to exotic plants that are sold in plant shops in the U.S., There’s nothing exotic about them when you see them everyday. This is true, too, of growing up in the Pacific Northwest. It’s wet, it’s lush, green and amazingly beautiful, but only when you see it with a new set of eyes.

So, friends, get out there and travel as much as you can. There is a beautiful world to explore.