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local peritonitis all agree that it is correct that
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out the particular poison in each case. He calls these poisons
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Of these 7 166 patients with diphtheria treated with
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education was largely under private tutors at Woodstock
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three or four months old are obtained from graziers in such
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well and strong and healthy looking and quite as able to
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I published a study of the subject and the conclusion
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lymphatic vessels are compressed and there follows dilata
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should have occurred in your battery for my part I am glad
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heimer and Dr. Carl Oppenheimer of No. 4 Eichendorff
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tempts which led to the elucidation of old ideas or
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will receive a ready response by any physician who has
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gauze and this dressing repeated two or three times
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tuberculosis are potent factors in the death rate as also all
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of hygienic surroundings and attended by increase in
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can not be induced to furnish these reports I hope every
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each of the otticial languages a general secretary who shall
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month and necessary expenses. Both of these physicians
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diable defect and Professor Murphy s tables show that it is
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tainments for the visiting delegates and their families.
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trative of extensive and far advanced myositis ossifi
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was 90 all through the fever which was peculiar to this ease
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and disappear. When the inflammation becomes chronic
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country are indigents and the professor s skill and
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level of the communications was high but I was par
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usual heart s action some like digitalis that have a
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haps it would be better if both terms were entirely
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serotherapy acting as a specific agent should not be
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dissect out a cancer of the rectum and leave infil
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have the trophic changes within the fingers especially in
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erage and the existence of cesspits near and even under the
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to let it alone. When the danger of secondary hemorrhage
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lowish membrane resembling very much the inside of the
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he could estimate was about 55 per cent. the propor
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plicity of cases to which such a very adaptable method may
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hernia suitable for an operation should receive surgi
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lately given some time to studying some of the more obvi
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taking bactrim for sinus infection
I believe that upon the diet largely depends the extent to
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generous traits of character that naturally and readily tend
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mained sixteen months. His condition improved he re
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It is composed of four layers and often in the left
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achieved in hysterectomy done by way of the vagina
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be well in less than ten days and according to reports he
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a children s hospital in New York heartily indorses
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titude of being mooted. It can not be gainsaid that
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Oculutique for July contains a report by Dr. Terson of Tou
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ture and sufficiently remote from the uterus to in

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