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of incoordination followed by paraplegia and wrist
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sequently the poorly qualified doctors have gradually
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tends to move in a straight line and will do so unless affected
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expectancy of life the disability is a costly one to
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ing the spirits for its effects. If he lives in a circle
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whole field of preventive medicine scarcely surveyed as
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third of the head of the radius having loose attachments to
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once nor that they have suddenly dropped to us from
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be disinfected before bringing the patient to the oper
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infancy reported from time to time with inconclusive
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bacteriologic studies for the procuring of a sure and
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Morgan may consider worthy of adoption. It is understood
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This book is one of a series of psychologic phantasies which
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partment under the heading of the Cleveland Medical
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in contact with the anterior parietal peritoneal layer.
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mordle is the best guide in deciding for or against
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Polytechnic School Buda Pesth Hungary Ueber den un
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In times of epidemics bis work is arduous and he has
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standing in his own Society signed by the President and Secretary of
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still use the word quarantine. we long ceased the practice
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is always room for a play of prejudice for the selection
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District at Norristown has purchased adjoining property of
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cluded that in the study of all these physiologic chemic
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placed one over the other between plates of glass has been
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der and in disseminated and irregular patches. Dr. Pat
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of the left ventricle the auriculo ventricular ring and aortic
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twenty seven cases only nine concerned the epiphysis and
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of which is larger than the fee. The doctor anxious for the
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by the villainous artifices of lago Othello is led to
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are never enlarged. The enlargement of the axillary
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mildly. The modern physician is in the same category. He
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of both feet. Applied plaster of Paris massage etc. great improve
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made for the following Columbia Hospital 3 000 Scranton
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inflammation of the prostate. The author holds that to be
oftentimes renewed during the publication of his col
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taking dutasteride every other day
tigate the sources and causes of the disagreeable smells
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having thus been attained and no contra indication having
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for union of the symphyses allows the uterus time to
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local and regional dissemination of carcinoma of the
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which to base their action. The examiner will under
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strength of the serum has been a barrier in the way
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Durgin His Honor Mayor McMurray His Excellency Gov
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laboratory stating that the characteristic diphtheria
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ile test tube to collect urine as it flows from the ure
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General Hospital Hot Springs. Arkansas for duty at the Hospital.
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have had no trouble in the cases that came under my obser
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causes are all too well understood to warrant me in
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teaching of clinical surgery of the Trinity Medical
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had proved that tubercle bacilli were not so ubiquitous as was
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preferred to do except for the color tests and it may
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between the blades of the gastro splenic ligament be
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diarrhea. I believe we do not discriminate closely enough
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Is it possible that n patient in describing the disease as

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