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such vast interests are at stake there should be no mistakes

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part the frame does not always fit well and is liable

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collection in this wise opening the general peritoneal

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unavoidable. This is always avoidable in the opera

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to temporary duty as members of the medical board at the Naval

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sional spree probably because the total quantity is

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difficulty in its use. The perineum should be retracted

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Many of the cases of chronic intestinal indigestion

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made a good recovery enjoyed fair health during the sum

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ment instituted established drainage of the tubes into the

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dura was also firmly adherent to the floor of the skull in the

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ally they are nearly all condemnatory in fact there is

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well equipped hospitals. As to infective venereal diseases

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tion of science to religion and his attacks on revealed

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whether the habit is regular or only occasional and

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in case of jurors but without privilege of peremptory

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has been. Where there is local disease discoverable on

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the lesser omental sac thus disturbing the original

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lower Mississippi is polluted as has been stated from the

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Removal of the right broad ligament tube and ovary

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a cancerous mass at a similar stage of its existence.

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affections with which we are more familiar. We must

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The Tri State Medical Society. The autumnal meeting of

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the beliefs and traditions of the Hindoos and others

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miserable mortals on this occasion. Consequent upon

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the fixed uterus on two occasions on account of the

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Resolced That the American Climatological Association

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standing loses even its ambition to excel in the in

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with such criticisms and discussions as the society

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ing your attention to the question of suicide to day.

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irregular or even approaches the type of a remittent

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colon and the anterior lower blade of the mesogaster. The displace

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by specific infection in at Ip ast 90 per cent of all

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penalties attached likely to have more than a poetic influ

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justing the speculum it is introduced as any other

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sible for the mother of a large family to nurse for in

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great ones which the old one has not. It has them in the

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ing the last five months. He had tied the uterine arteries

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and the following operation was performed an oblique in

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but what is more important its frequent use will pre

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tion of fluid produced by the irritation of the synovial mem

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fibroid tumor interstitial developed in right and anterior

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open the non operated eye having been freed already

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Read In the Section on Surgery and Anatomy at the Forty sixth

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