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started by saying that the conclusions of M. D Arsonval were

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Mozer Our new contemporary presents a very creditable

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pneumonia is a disease is a notorious fact and so a fact of

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As to the treatment of grip. There has been one treat

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tainments for the visiting delegates and their families.

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Of the total number of cases of diphtheria occurring in

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of a high immunity grade. High temperature rapid pulse

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solar spectrum that had not been found on the earth. This

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blood vessels to a minimum. The finger is also an efficient

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disguising the disagreeable taste of the oil fifteen or twenty

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tuberculosis is contracted but practically we may assume

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side permitting of a more satisfactory fixation of the

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Chicago and began the practice of medicine and in 1890 was

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was the first to recover. Another case was operated on by

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fear the bowel would burst as he believed that in many

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indication to be met viz. that of cleansing the mucous mem

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or duct cancer are in line with the teaching of Thin

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best to bring back the dry blood stains to a solution

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serum is superior to all other means of combating the disease

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was a very natural and proper demonstration of per

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standing all that has been published regarding the poison

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tal end of the hepatic artery and the inferior vena

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recommended the following procedure which he employs on

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hydrocephalus had been noticed at three weeks of age.

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to me that the most important thing in electricity in medi

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columns I notice the report of the Michigan Medical Society

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Chicago 111. Chairman of Committee on Transportation

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surprise he never had any more bloody stools after he

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or renal activity which is elucidated by our experi

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year ago she had a similar attack which was followed

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all events through some internal or external cause

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A bill looking to the formation of such a bureau was intro

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issuing from the right ureter and limpid urine from

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The replies to this letter indicated an earnest desire to

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nal suture by three fractures with the orbital ridge

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tive to the negative pole but in some instances from the

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solar spectrum that had not been found on the earth. This

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charges passed through the Body by Prof. Elihu Thomson

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in the said Department until proper inquiry shall be made

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theria after the use of antitoxin have been recorded. Gaebel

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In one large hospital in which the observer held an

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tigate to your entire satisfaction. The history and

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some countries of Northern Europe where trismus some

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chasing ticket to Detroit full fare will be paid. On request

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The important question which has interested oculists

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to disabuse the minds of people as to surgeons being

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