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mation in order that the bacteriology of the subject may be

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last few decades have been taught by investigation in

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matter is so notorious that it is hardly necessary to

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men above the pubes in the direction of the pelvis.

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The interference to vision by the subsequent corneal

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ous gliomatous degeneration through the entire length of

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the past three or four mouths than ever before. This

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the improper food. I do not mean the food that is made

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was paid to the subject however until the beginning

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gradual and ths t the healthy structure is not sharply

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of surgical progress in the near future is very difficult in

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The remedy advocated is the establishment of a govern

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glimpse at her vital statistics and her sanitary agen

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tion in the pelvis are usually sterile. The relative

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olanzapine vs risperidone in schizophrenia

University of Pennsylvania. This institution has invited Dr.

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white taking care not to beat air in the mixture for egg

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to fat accumulation and frequently subject to local

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The action of these drugs directs itself against the

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carefully with obvious attempt to be accurate in observa

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McGraw Detroit The Comparative Value of Medical and

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were discovered in the organs of the fetus on necropsy.

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abscess in an efifort made by him a few hours before the

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Case 3. A lady of refinement and education who was left

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the general practitioner I hold that the time has come

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possible between the doses of medicine. These doses

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Has a fine portrait of the author as a frontispiece.

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all confidence that the twelve cases that I have had will

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These questions suggest themselves with more or less

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found to have followed the work of incompetent men. His

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blue tinted test glasses to the white side of the apparatus

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from hemorrhage small pieces of the organ are often

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to return to the attempt even by the favorable report Dr.

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day of disease upon which antitoxin is injected. Of

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