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is I believe in about as nearly a normal position as
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Veterinary Surgeons mnst Prove Qualification. A physician
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wish once again to arouse in the minds of the medi
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simpler but equally effective instrument for accom
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ologic and pathologic conditions and some good work
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times o slight that the patients may recover without resort
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its effect because its amp rage is inappreciable and its
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sists in its compactness as its separate parts can be
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incident to the service is by direction of the President retired from
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United States. In Chapter 5 the leading features of the
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Two main etiologic agents exist 1 ventricular dilatation
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ness could be accounted for and the cure understood from
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treatment of localized puerperal septic inflammatory
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of the opinions concerning this discovery by some of the
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cine In conclusion I am inclined to infer that either
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before the introduction of the antitoxin treatment only one
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hand instead a source of continuously sustained potential
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the disabilities for mental or physical exertion which
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increase and spread of superstition the reinstitution
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exist the abuses of which they complained to Mayor Grant
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dence. If prolnpse of the iris occurs snip it off at once
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in lieu of the wheel being raised and the result is the wheel
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to the physiologic results of regular use of the eyes
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Hemorrhages by H. O. Pantzer Indianapolis Annual Ad
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were very frequent and must have been due to a septic con
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these conditions have all changed decidedly for the
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Dr. Anderson I think is very fortunate in his expression.
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direction well down on the sides and sufficiently to
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sixth Annual Meetlnr of the American Medical Association
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slight causes can send into the blood and the kidneys.
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the glands of Lieberkuhn. Although many learned author
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jets held at a definite distance apart and both at equal dis
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had no inconvenience at all until at the age of 28
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Surgical Treatment of Appendicitis by F. Maass Detroit
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Health Reports. The following health reports have been
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of all accounts. He shall keep an accurate record of all re
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phate of ammonia on Drosera. The l 4tXMXKX of a grain
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pathologic appearances some of which at least fit in
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bilities of organic chemistry. There was no adequate
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fascia muscle and other tissues by one single suture.
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Louisiana New Orleans August 10 to 17. 8 cases 1 death.
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been drinking and his power of resistance associated
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while giving the zinc. I am equally sure that I did not stop
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been ascertained that some of the degenerations which have
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The advantages of the operation consist in securing by
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field of operation is small and the possibility of his becom
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prominent blood streak. The right shoe shows a thin
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cluded all the cases I had the mortality would have been
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der especially when a decided tendency to constipa
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finger he quickly punctured the cornea used the point of
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active children s service have never observed it. The
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ual pain isp.olully Inrenion of kidnvys atlon on both
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in 20 per cent of the children. Antitoxin was used in all.
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verse consisting in a subluxation alone stretching of the
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greater distance. Reference to the foregoing table of exper
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fession who admire the Code and yet seem strangely op
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hours with free discharge of pus from ear and disinfecting
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were very small. The amount of liver involvement was very
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which will reach up in the angle at the entrance of
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tury. He does not find a promise of so great progress in the
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Prof. William Ramsey of University College London for
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takes up little room and with excessive discharge there is
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The bodies were burned in this in from one hour and three
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AVe must however tear ourselves away from this fascinating
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left a will giving Mrs. Mary Simpson the interest of 5 000
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that there are some 20.000 children more than can be re
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with himself than is any one else. As an idealist he
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scalp flap is cut so as to expose the entire field of
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girl brought back the infection of enteric fever to Mingalay.
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