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mains unchallenged that a simplification of the aseptic and

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ease can not exist. And it can not only affirm that

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Lawford. Classes in refraction are conducted by Mr. Lang

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from the speculum. Into this proximal end is closely

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or two stitches of fine catgut. Then remove the pro

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smallpox hospital has been awarded and the work will begin

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dicitis. The number of cases are limited where this

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eased tisue being carefully removed. The patient is now in

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then I believe that in serum therapeutics and anti

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followed by an active phagocytosis but injection of

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The method of application apart from certain non essen

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in the child who is fed on tuberculous milk for in

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toward the left or as the coalescence theorists would

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also seen on the same day by Dr. Brackes. I was called in

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almost identical lesions accompanied by very similar de

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eral medicine from 1886 to 1888 in the Demilt Dispensary

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recedes by the action of the recti muscles to receive

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and drained it to the last drop. The change was immediate

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last week reported an epidemic of dysentery and bowel dis

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the nails of both the hands and feet and all the symptoms

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tagion. A thorough system of disinfection should be

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to the fullest development in mental force and bal

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Indications for operation in puerperal sepsis L. S. McMur

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shorten the course of the disease and I have discontinued it.

duricef antibiotic

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the honor to make to the medical profession bearing

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