THE FLIP SIDE (DATING) (by usawithere)

This video is so awesome for so many reasons. Much like the Shit ___ Say meme, the Flip Side videos (there’s another one) take a critical look at how men and women behave, and expose how ridiculous it is when roles are reversed.

I’ve been accused of having a double standard when it comes to my expectations of women. I do. Is it hypocritical? No.

Men and women are wired differently, and we meet in the middle, but it’s a losing proposition to think that we should or could be expected to act the same, or want the same things. 

Respect is a fundamental, non-negotiable part of an intimate relationship, or a friendship. We also must respect the fact that we’re different, and that’s what makes dating fun, exciting, and thrilling.


The past 18 months have been epic. I moved to San Francisco an impressionable hayseed, and have had my kernel cracked in the fiery furnace of adulthood. Times have been terrible and tremendous, often within he same week.

I could elaborate on all the places I’ve been, and what I’ve seen, but I will save that for later.

Last night I was at a gathering at a startup mansion called The Glint. In the house are 12 entrepreneurs working on new companies. Central to the mission of the house is the idea that each person should have a project that triggers he going in their eye, and sparks their creativity endlessly. It’s something we should all strive for.

Since coming to San Francisco I’ve dabbled in a great
many things, and I love this city for the way it encourages constant experimentation, and reinvention. I’ve dabbled and noodled, and never found my personal fountain of joy.

Today I plan to start doing what I know will bring me happiness, which is to share my reflections and advice about relationships, dating, sex, intimacy and friendships. It’s the glint in my eye, and I know I want to share it with the world.

This post is just to announce my intent. From here onwards, expect to see awesome things.


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